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BH 10 Pcs Brush Set

  • 113 Powder Brush – A fluffy bristled brush ideal for applying setting powders over the top of your base.
  • 114 Round Blending Face Brush – A round, densely bristled brush perfect for blending powders and liquids into the complexion.
  • 115 Tapered Contour Face Brush – A tapered bristled brush created to add definition and dimension to the angles of the face.
  • 116 Flat Blending Face Brush – A flat topped densely fibred brushed developed to create a full coverage finish.
  • 117 Angled Contouring Face Brush – An angled bristled brush crafted to blend cream contour into the complexion.
  • 118 Small Tapered Contouring Face Brush – A small precision tipped brush developed to contour the smaller areas of the face as well as highlighting the inner corners.
  • 119 Small Angled Blending Face Brush – A small angled brush perfect for sculpting the nose and smaller areas of the face.
  • 120 Small Flat Blending Face Brush – A small flat bristled brush created to seamlessly blend contour shades in the smaller areas of the face.
  • 121 Small Angled Contouring Face Brush – A mini angled brush ideal for creating a more precise contour.
  • 122 Small Round Blending Face Brush – A fluffy, small head brush developed to blend out powder contour.

BH makeup brushes

Add a chic designer touch to your makeup table with our Studded Couture 12 Piece Brush Set, a high-style selection of face and eye brushes in a gold-studded ivory cylindrical case.

The super-soft, professional-quality synthetic brushes apply makeup with ease, providing precision just where you want it. The protective hard case snaps closed for travel.


Set Includes:

1. Large Angled Contour Brush
2. Flat Buffing Brush
3. Precision Blush Brush
4. Angled Face Shader Brush
5. Pointed Foundation Brush
6. Large Concealer Brush
7. Domed Blending Brush
8. Fluff Shadow Brush
9. Tapered Blending Brush
10. Angled Shading Brush
11. Pencil Brush
12. Angled Liner & Brow Brush


BH studio pro brushes

STUDIO PRO 13 piece brush set by BH cosmetics is a complete collection of flexible and ultra-soft makeup brushes that allow you to create full-face appearances like a professional.

All Over Bronzer Brush

Powder Brush

Precise Blush Brush

Conceal/Highlight Brush

Blending Crease Brush

Tapered Blending Brush

Dense Crease Brush

Fluffy Shader Brush

Angled Flat Shader Brush

Small Detail Brush

Lip Brush