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Benefit Tint-Pack of Four, a 100 % pure and original product that can do multitasking.it can be used on the cheek and lips as well. Benefit Tint-Pack of Four is made with vibrant fruit pigments for a vitamin skin infusion, and a mixture of shea butter and cocoa butter to moisturize and soften skin and lips. Lip tints and stains are known for their long-lasting effect, capable of lasting hours through meals and drinks. 

If you get the tint on the wrong parts of your skin you will need to use a makeup remover to clear it off. On the other hand, lipstick has a shiny finish unlike the natural matte finish produced by tints. Lip tints can be applied in several ways. For a gradient application, apply the lip tint in the center of the lips and blend outwards. For a darker or brighter look, apply several layers. For the matte versions, apply lip moisturizer beforehand.

Features of Benefit Tint-Pack of Four:

  • They are water-proof.
  • Long-lasting Color.
  • Contains Gel.
  • Natural Matte Finish.
  • Light feeling on the lips with fragrance
  • Apply easily
  • Mostly Affordable
  • Natural-looking


Lip Tints are available in different colors and shades. 


  • many tend to be short-lasting
  • the color can be VERY subtle–potentially too subtle for some consumers
  • the application can be drippy or wet at times (but absorbs quickly)


5 pcs with the natural fragrance of fruits.

Product details of Benefit Tint-Pack of Four Colors:

  • Lip and cheek tint
  • Pink tints
  • Lip color

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